No one likes games more than the occult.

They are specialists in deception and role play. Your entire existence is just a farming game for them, just cattle; chattel.


They lie about science, medicine, religion, education, technology, EVERYTHING!

It's starting to look alike like Covid!

This looks like the lock step for the way Covid went down. Look at all the similarities on how we got dealt with during the epidemic. We were Paschal Lambs, ripe for slaughter. We can’t let it happen again.

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I am unable to verify the above image, but for now lets just leave it for effects. Really paints a nice happy picture of pure evil.

“While there is no suggestion that Prescott Bush was sympathetic to the Nazi cause, the documents reveal that the firm he worked for, Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH), acted as a US base for the German industrialist, Fritz Thyssen, who helped finance Hitler in the 1930s before falling out with him at the end of the decade. The Guardian has seen evidence that shows Bush was the director of the New York-based Union Banking Corporation (UBC) that represented Thyssen’s US interests and he continued to work for the bank after America entered the war…..”

“There is no one left alive who could be prosecuted but they did get away with it,” said Loftus. “As a former federal prosecutor, I would make a case for Prescott Bush, his father-in-law (George Walker) and Averill Harriman [to be prosecuted] for giving aid and comfort to the enemy. They remained on the boards of these companies knowing that they were of financial benefit to the nation of Germany.”

Loftus said Prescott Bush must have been aware of what was happening in Germany at the time. “My take on him was that he was a not terribly successful in-law who did what Herbert Walker told him to. Walker and Harriman were the two evil geniuses, they didn’t care about the Nazis any more than they cared about their investments with the Bolsheviks.”

The Guardian (US main office)
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New York, NY 10006

Nanotechnology in Vaccines

Have you wondered why there is a biotech company producing the Covid vaccine? Its the same reason they push for 5g implementation worldwide. Once these nanobots are injected by the vaccine, they can be controlled. We all suffer from vaccine damage including me. I literally have a phantom pain I chase all around my body. It randomly shows up in different places all over my body, lower back, bowels, elbows, knees, all types of odd inconsistent join pains. I never know when its going to strike, for how long, and where. Totally, unnatural. Allergies, asthma, brian disorders, personality disorders, mental retardation, all signs of vaccine damage. The medical cartel are all Occultists, and their goal is to squeeze you for money then end you. Remember, they are under an ancient command to wreck havoc and debilitate us. As you can see, their success is unequivocal.

Occult Rituals : Human Sacrifice, Cannibalism, Adrenochrome Harvesting, Human/Child Torture

This will be detailed under its own page, with evidence chain to prima facie. Again, your belief is not required. I would ask that you pray for those that are in the clutches of monsters, but then I realized you too are under an ancient incantation, you need to pray for yourself first. You can’t help others until you help yourself. I mean this with all respect and seriousness.

Fast Food

by Rabbi Finkelstein

Agenda: Transgenderism, Transgender, Transhumanism, Beastiality

I’m not sure when this practice came in to favor with The Occult but I know as far back as the Templars, allegedly worshiped Bapthomet. 

I found a useful link that helps explain the worship of bapthomet, aka beelzabub, aka lucifer, aka satan it’s all the same archetype.

The confusion of tongues (confusio linguarum) is the origin myth for the fragmentation of human languages described in Genesis 11:1–9, as a result of the construction of the Tower of Babel. Prior to this event, humanity was stated to speak a single language. This is why there are so many names for the deitys and gods, but they are all Nimrod, his wife/mother Semaramis and their son Tammuz. Over the ages Nimrods name was purposefully obfuscated by the powers that be to fill their own narratives of control. 

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“With the 2015 Supreme Court decision in favor of homosexuality and the ongoing practice of abortion – together with the emerging agenda of transgenderism – many think our country is headed to hell in a handbasket. (1) Meanwhile, others applaud the direction our culture is going. If you’re reading this, and you agree with what our country is becoming, I hope to show you whose side you’re actually on. Although, whether you agree with where we’re headed as a nation or not, I hope to point to the root of the problem.

The homosexual agenda, transgender agenda, transhumanism, and even the pedophilia and bestiality agendas, (2) all have their root in one entity: Baphomet, the androgynous, goat-headed deity worshipped by Satanists and occultists of all flavors, including the Knights Templar and the Freemasons. Also known as the Goat of Mendes, the image of the Baphomet comes from occultist Eliphas Levi’s depiction of the devil. In my opinion, it/he is the root of all these agendas (and more!)”

In only a few months, Hollywood has produced 3 movies promoting the deranged aspirations of transhumanism, the latest manifestation of the CIA’s MK-Ultra propaganda program and their totalitarian dream of creating Aldous Huxley’s, “Brave New World”, a dystopia where we will be deluded into loving our servitude through psychedelic drugs and mindless sex.
First there was Her, starring Joachin Phoenix, Transcendence with Johnny Depp – a machine becomes enlightened, and now Lucy – a woman becomes enlightened by taking a drug, with femme du jour, Scarlett Johansson. But unlike the first two, Lucy is of an another order of magnitude, using maximum decibels and all the glitzy tricks of Hollywood to lend blockbuster credentials to make sure you are getting the message loud and clear.
It is the Lucyferian message of MK-Ultra, that we are approaching the Singularity, where through the use of psychedelic drugs we will be able to untap the hidden powers of the mind and ultimately merge with computers and the internet, which represents the accumulated knowledge of the ages, and thus achieve omniscience, and become as gods.
MKULTRA is a 4000 years old science, brought up to date and improved by Satanists Mengele, and Dr Ewen Cameron, etc where, using Torture, hypnotism and drugs they split the mind into alter sub-personalities in a 13 x 13 matrix then program the splits to create perfect psychopathic slaves to infiltrate all institutions, – Burrocracy, politicians, clergy, Secret Services, Universities, Science.
Generational bloodline satanists have been doing this successfully with their children for thousands of years.
The use of the term “transhuman” another name for Fascist Nazi Eugenics – to create the Satanic Aryan Master Race goes back to de Chardin but Sir Julian Huxley who was head of the Eugenics Society changed the name to the Transhumanism Society.
The Huxleys, Darwins, and Pilkingtons decided to intermarry to create geniuses between themselves but instead created inbred monsters like Sir Julian Huxley and his brother Aldous Huxley.
Sir Julian Huxley as head of the United Nations World Health Organisation was perfectly placed to diffuse contaminated cancer and sterilisation vaccines throughout the world because, it is a Satanic Meme that, “There are just too many people”.
The Matrix by the Wachowski’s gives a good explanation of this by the Satanic Demon, Agent Smith who like the demon in the movie “Fallen” possesses people and throws them aside.

Nothing is OFF LIMITS to these monsters.

It’s a man! Indeed. You want to be in the club, you have to play by the rules. I know for certain that most of the first ladies are actually men. This is done to them early on, the parents price to get in the club (The Occult): sacrifice of first born male or the mutilation of what God gave you at birth. As technology advanced with hormone and other gene enhancing therapies the sky is the limit. I mean look at Melania. Next generation.



Barbara Bush Son of Aleister Crowley: Dubbed Most Evil Man on Earth


Here’s another legend of “The Occult”, Skull & Bones Member, President of United States who despised broccoli.

That Barbara… lol that’s a Man all day long.


Queen Victorias Secret : She was a He!


Victorias Secret. In order to be a Victoria Secret model you have to be a Bapthomet. None of the models are born female. Ewww. Let that sink in.

If you think that born males cant cut and mutilate themselves into looking like females, you better think again. The above bathomet used technologies available to the general population. Imgagine the technologies The Occult have available to use. Its a know fact that military and black ops technologies are typically 45 years ahead of what the general population has available to it. You have no idea of the scale of this crime against humanity. Most first ladies are born males, and no amount of denial on the part of the general population will change the FACTS.

Ted Cruz Exposes MALEania Trump

Apr 2016 – Ted Cruz: Melania Trump Is Transgender
GOP presidential hopeful, Ted Cruz, dropped a bomb this morning on the Trump campaign. Cruz, speaking at an event in Midland, Texas, unleashed the hounds from Hell in an attempt to make up some ground.
“I have shocking news! Utterly shocking,” exclaimed Senator Cruz to CNN correspondent Sunlen Serfaty. “As I stand here, with my wife and best friend by my side, it saddens me to have to break this disturbing news to the nation,” Cruz continued. “I am saddened because, well, I had to ask myself, last evening when I received this news, what would Jesus do? I can tell you that I spent many hours in fervent prayer with my Savior. By this morning, I still hadn’t heard back from him, and the Holy Spirit said I should go ahead and preach it to the nation.”
The political rhetoric is starting to heat up again as Ted Cruz tries to salvage his reputation after taking a beating from Donald Trump during the primary season. Senator Ted Cruz, who lost badly to Donald Trump in the Empire State by a significant margin, is looking to re-establish himself as the Tea Party darling.
“We have been conducting some background investigations on our opponents, as is typical in these political races,” Cruz explained.
“We wondered, did Melania come into the country legally? Wouldn’t that be a feather in our cap if the big bully that wants to build anti-immigration walls was married to an illegal immigrant. We were pretty excited at the prospect of finding some good dirt, when our first three searches found no Melanija Knavs, her real maiden name, ever entering the country. We did, however, continually run into the name, Martijn Knavs, a Slavic immigrant.”

What entails next is nothing short of a bombshell.
“Was he her brother? Uncle? Who? We didn’t have answers, so we dug deeper into the seedy underbelly of the beast we know as immigration. It was scary out there in the darkness that is mankind’s depravity, but we forged on, because Americans deserve the truth,” related Cruz in a whispered hush.
“We found records and receipts of several surgeries and procedures at the Denver Center for Sexual Reassignment. The name on these documents, slowly, over time, went from Martijn Knavs, to Melanija Knavs. Could it be? She is unusually tall. She does have a pretty square jaw and a bit of a five o’clock shadow in the afternoon. We were stupefied! He is a she! She was a he! OMG, where will she pee?” The senator was dancing around in a giddy shamanic dance. “I win. I win,” Cruz chanted. “I am the King of New York!”

Look at that Adams apple! This was before the surgery to reduce or remove it. Do a search engine on Martijn Knavs, all lead to Melania.


Transgenders in Politics is Standard Procedure

We are just paschal lambs to them, ripe for slaughter. They are setting course for the Anti-Christ return of Nimrod. Most people have no clue, it’s so sad.

Michael Lavaughn Robinson aka Michelle Obama


Kabbalist Sabatean Frankists- Cult of the All Seeing Eye

The astounding paradox of our time is that we as a society have been made to believe we live in an age of unprecedented scientific advance and scrutiny, all the while having been duped into believing that the completely absurd Darwinian theory that we “evolved” from apes is exemplary of that same rationalism. Darwin’s theory of evolution is not science, but magic. The leading defender of Darwin’s theory was Aldous and Julian Huxley’s grandfather, Thomas Huxley, a fellow of the Royal Society, a Masonic organization modeled on the “Invisible College” of Rosicrucian adepts described in Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis. According to Rabbi Kook (1 865 – 1 935), the most important exponent of Religious Satanic Sabbatean Frankist Zionism, “is increasingly conquering the world at this time, and, more so than all other philosophical theories, conforms to the Sabbatean Frankist Kabbalistic secrets of the world.”[5]
The occult myth of evolution begins with Isaac Luria, founder of the New Kabbalah in the sixteenth century, when he posited that human intellectual history represented man’s evolution towards becoming God, a God, Lucifer. An occultist Balthazar Walther travelled to Palestine at the beginning to the seventeenth century to study the teachings of Luria, which were the communicated in Christian language by the mystic Jacob Boehme, whose thought contributed to the Rosicrucian movement, and ultimately to philosophy of Hegel, the great oracle of the Illuminati and of Hitler.