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It’s simple, your Birth [Berth] Certificate gives the The USA Corp.* ownership over you. They use you to draw a Surety Bond on your Berth Manifest; pretending your arrival was expected but you never landed. Your mother is seen as ship who lost her cargo at sea, as it was never claimed upon the Berth Certificate [Landing Manifest], because upon birth she immediately gives ownership of you to a party [USA Corp.] that insured you previously during your transit into the material world, and stands to profit from your “lost at sea”. The USA Corp. now become beneficiaries of the cargo [you], and being a business, are focused on the revenue to report profits for it’s board members. The revenue comes from trading this insurance bond, collecting your taxes, and looming over head waiting for you to make a mistake so they can come and take it all from you or your heirs. Plus, how are they going to justity creating money out of thin air, criminals need victims too.

Upon receipt of your berth manifest, they simply create a straw man account for you, transferring you from Maritime Admirality Law to Civil Law [Law that only applies to your Straw Man, YOU, not you]. Our goal is to find a place for our Guild within the world wide jurisprudence of Uniform Commercial Code, under which all nations commerce transpires. This process begins by your exit from the fradulent system of the debtor side of the bankers ledger and entry into the credit side.

Naturally, this all happens unofficially and without your consent, the good news is that you can quit claim deed your way out. And begin to position yourself for better days by changing your status from “dead cargo lost at sea” [that’s why the bond was issued; when your mother Labored to Berth you, she was tricked, deceived by fraud to give you up to the USA Corp; whom reported you to their insurer as lost at sea.]

The first step is to become a living beneficiary of your own Revocable [changeable] Living Trust, by securing an asset such as your home within’ its charter. In this trust you name yourself as LIVING BENEFICIARY, officially proclaiming yourself found and alive in legalise.

This process can happen in one day, under $100, and is confirmed when Hall of Records sends you the new deed to your property, recognizing The Living Trust as the owner, and YOU as LIVING BENEFICIARY. The benefit first and foremost is freeing your name from the Ancient Babylonian Banking system, tantemount to freeing your SOUL, but your beginning the journey to all types of perks and good fortunes. 

This is just the beginning.

*Gettysburg Address in 1864,
and the Incorporation of
District of Columbia by (Presidential) Legislative Act of February 21, 1871, under the Emergency War Powers Act and the Reconstruction Acts.
Then reorganized June 11, 1878
–16 Stat. 419 Chapter 62

How To Exit the System?

Your going to draft a Revocable Living Trust in your name and state. Using a quitclaim deed for your property, you will transfer this asset to your trust at Hall of Records for your county or province. Everything will require public notary, and there will be extra forms with difficult questions but were a team, and a team plays together!


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3 Steps To Freedom

Revocable Living Trust

Revocable Living Trust in your name, your state of residence.  Learn More

Quit Claim Deed

Deed transfer to new owner, your Living Trust. Learn More

Hall of Records

This is where the magic happens. A few bucks and your reincarnated on Earth.  Learn More

Help with every step,

I will be your plenipotentiary, guide you to become a living beneficiary of your own domain. Sovereign being whom executes or dismisses contracts at will. Owner of  your labor, owner of bonds traded in your name, commander of language (legalese), and full submission of all authority to you.

Ethical Life Hacking

I’ve been hacking life since selling candy cigaretts on the school bus when I was 8. Finding loop holes in all my predicated vicissitudes, charging hard leading the way in new methods of returning the old, lawful, world where God rules, laws rule, and education was the life nectar of the people under the sun.

  • Return To God
  • Return To Law
  • Return To The Republic for which it stands!

Begin Your Journey With A Proclamation

From Our Members

It’s all here, all you got to do is take it! It’s ours.

And it is all run and enforced under the Spanish Law of the Inquisition.
And now, beyond these bare nuts and bolts, let’s examine the debt and the
rationale behind all this mechanism.
The bond establishes a debt to the Vatican for putting up the money. We come
into this world (according to them) owing the debt of original sin and the sins and
debts of our ancestors back to the “third and fourth generation”. When the
Vatican puts up the gold for the birth bond, they are acting as a Bailor, just like a
bail bondsman who accepts you “posting bond” to get out of jail.

Anna Von Reitz

Understanding the Birth Certificate Bond --- For What It Is

This is how they apply “the sins of the Fathers” and guarantee themselves and
other war-mongers excellent guaranteed returns and generations of new slaves
pre-indebted to them virtually from birth.
To make this “legal” (but cannot ever be “lawful”) they give you a Birth Certificate
—which is evidence of what they have done “in your name”. It’s like a coat check
card, allowing you to come back and reclaim your “coat”, only in this case, it’s
reclaiming your body, energy, labor, and intellectual property — your “PKI”. .
When your parents unwittingly sign the paperwork allowing this transaction and
the use of your name to create a new Municipal citizen of the United States, they
accept the Birth Certificate in return. This creates a private contract, which is the
only way that the Vermin can get away with this scam.

It was already apparent that they had hypocritically promoted the idea of
ancestral debt and profited from it—particularly by promoting wars for the
“reaping of souls and estates” and purposefully running up more debt, and hadn’t
applied the debt forgiveness across the board every seven years with a total
erasure every fifty years—- that balanced this Ancient Babylonian economic system.

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