Im stepping into your shoes right now. You just came upon this website, and have now either glanced or read some of the content herein. I’d already feel at odds, the reason I say this is because this type of information is typically not in the public realm. You don’t learn esotric knowledge on the outside (real world), you have to be pointed or point yourself by your experience.

Many of you are not ready for this type of information. We all know the comments people leave online, they are irresponsible, cruel, and I believe often in jest. Who doesn’t like a hardy cackle here and there? I imagine a few of you are perhaps angry, at the premises outlined and sought. Why would someone revel in taboo? In the typicall reactionary response, that must be totally unaccountable, and certainly ad hominem I thank you for your patronage thus far for what its worth.

Either way I remain hopeful that this website is informative, accurate within my capacity, and mindful in the potency of its content. I’m humbled to walk in the footsteps of the Titans of esoteric revealings before me, especially those in literature as well as digital occulted content. The journey never stops, we are bringing supressed information to the surface and the previous learned can be upheaved at anytime with new information or evidence coming in. The rabbit holes are so deep that often it takes decades to persevere through to rhetoric.

For those who are enjoying the content, we’re only scratching the surface here. Daily updates to the website, addtions on pages, resources and references are all ongoing as a hobby. Progress is dependent on this fact, and if additional information is sought in a specific catagory I am happy to assist simply send me an email. I’ve also started a physical print, so I hope that the enemies of who also find this know that digital media despite its benefits has its drawbacks. Realistically, this is just a grain of sand on the worlds beaches and I’d be lucky if this project in its scope hits .0000001 of its target audience.

I don’t mind sticking my neck out for my heart and soul, but I’m no dummy either. Angels and demons are not a myth, magick and curses are as real as prayer to God. The enemy is better equipped then ever to handle those who speak against the party(The Occult). It has always been that way. The dark side is stronger than ever, manifesting in our lives with ever increasing frequency. There are no coincidences or accidents. There is only being in the dark, or in the light. That’s what occult actually means, to hide. Unocculting is to unhide, to bring to light that which is hidden.

 I look forward to taking this journey of enlightment we should of all been on our whole lives. If enought of us wake up to the beast system we can still will and bring about the change many of us desire in terms of civilization in harmony with nature. The parasites who have invaded places of power are not like you and I. As such, they should not be deciding over us these completely insane laws, policies and crimes against humanity. The few of them destroy our natural habitats then blame us for their crime, we know by virtue of common sense this cannot go on. That is why it is important to understand there are two types of people in this world and two types only:

Those under ancient command from a cursed Canaan son of Ham, son of Noah to commit genocide against everyone else essentially.

And, the rest of us, the rest of the human population at this point. (Descendants of Shem & Japhet, and looks like Hams other sons too)

They survived through the ages under different guises, but their works always stayed the same. That is how we can identify them, by knowing their symbology and numerology. They are victims to rituals they must fulfill, and in knowing their ways we can identify them. Once the rest of us start seeing them for what they are the ancient Canaanite spell will be broken. Humanity can begin to chart a new course in our time here.

We are in the age of Aquarius, just like we were told in Goonies: Its our time now.