What a enjoyable couple of weeks it has been putting this website together. What have we to learn thus far? Let’s review, as we have proven with evidence of provenance the following;

The figure of Nimrod from the bible has here assumed an idealistic nature; it symbolizes the imperialism of the eastern Semites. Directly relates to the Babylonian city of Marad, and Nimrod is an epithet of LUGAL- MARAD-DA, a god worshiped at that place. 

…This secret legend is the same as that of the Carpocratians, which is that Jesus chose some of the Apostles and confided to them a secret science, which was transmitted afterwards to the priests of the Order of the Knights Templars, and through them to the Building Fraternities, down to the present Freemasons of the Swedish Rite…

In the time of the Jews they made use of the Essenes, in which sect Jesus was brought up, and spent the greater part of his life.

The Hebrews worshipped Baal: AKA Yahweh, YHWH(tetragrammaton), later for phonetical reasons he became Jehovah. Baal was the god of the Canaanites whom were entangled with the Hebrews beyond recognition. Babylonians, Hebrews, Canaanites, all basically shared land and custom, trade. They battled amongst each other for control eventually leading to a dominant victor of Canaanites cloaked as Hebrews, a wolf in sheeps clothing. The Canaanites then proceeded to plant their decrepit Babylonian system via instruments such as the Freemasons, Illuminati, and others in their hierarchy system. They implemented themselves amongst us, and deployed their eugenics agenda against us with our full compliance, all whilst promising health, safety and security. Instead they deliver us the exact opposite into being paschal lambs for their sacrifice rituals.

Canaanites are cursed, and under will from Canaan to commit genocide against others.

In the epochs of humanity we know that magick and alchemy played daily roles in the lives of the ancients. Our science and technology was their magick and alchemy. And just as it is coveted and leveraged today, same could be said for the past. Thus, we can conclude that magick is as real as any science and there is more to our reality than we can percieve with our five senses.

The evidence really speaks for itself, I had different propositions coming into this but I can’t deny the works as they speak for themselves. The truth is out there, for anyone to begin piecing together a Uniformed Treatise of Truth. Until then friends, hold tight, the world around needs us to get up to date on whats going on, let me lend you a hand.