Excert from: Epidemic Diseases

Epidemic Diseases – 1865

Proposition 1st. — Epidemic visitations recur at regular intervals of time, of which eighteen and a half years may be taken as the type.*
Proposition 2nd. — The length of the interval between successive periodic visitations corresponds with the period of a single revolution of the lunar node, and a double revolution of the lunar apse line.
* This regular and stated interval is liable to a little variation, both on the one side and the other, but a period varying from seventeen to twenty years will embrace all possible deviations.
Proposition 3rd. — The revolution of the lunar node and apse line, involving a material difference in the relative position of the moon to the earth’s equator, must exercise a very sensible influence on the tenuity of the earth’s atmosphere.
Proposition 4th. — It is considered that this difference of tenuity must render the atmosphere at certain times more susceptible to the propagation, if not also to the origination, of the epidemic poison.
Proposition 5th. — The influence of the revolution of the lunar node and apse line upon the physical condition of the earth’s atmosphere has never yet been demonstrated by astronomers and meteorologians, although there can be no doubt whatever of its existence. M. Arago considers that its effect will be quite the opposite to that of gravity.*
” Besides the air being kept to the earth by the principle of gravity, it would acquire the same degree of velocity that the surface of the earth moves with, both in respect of the diurnal revolution as of the annual, about the sun, which is thirty times swifter.” — A Complete System of Geography, by Bowen,
Proposition 6th. — This influence is more visible by its indirect than by its direct effects on the earth’s atmosphere ; by its medical than by its physical effects ; in the same way as the cause of the secular acceleration of the moon was discovered by the indirect effect produced upon the earth’s radius vector by the planetary masses.
Proposition 7th. — A double revolution of the lunar apse line and a single revolution of the lunar node occupy very nearly the same period of time, namely eighteen and a half years ; so that at the expiry of that period the lunar mass occupies exactly the same relative position to the earth’s equator which it did at the commencement of it.
Proposition 8th. — The revolution of the lunar node causes a difference in the declination of the moon of no less a quantity than thirty degrees and thirty minutes during the period of eighteen and a half years.
Proposition 9th. — Ferguson, “But since the earth’s equator is inclined twenty-three degrees and thirty minutes to the ecliptic, and since the moon’s orbit is also inclined five degrees thirty minutes to the ecliptic, the moon’s orbit must in certain positions of her nodes be inclined about twenty-nine degrees to the earth’s equator, and in other positions eighteen degrees : and during eighteen years, the time in which her nodes perform a complete revolution, the plane of her orbit will have every possible position between eighteen and twenty-nine degrees.”
Proposition 10th. — Epidemic visitations depending upon lunar influence, (for there are other sources of epidemic diseases, local and partial), the longitude of the lunar node is always a small number, understanding by a small number anything under one hundred and eighty degrees, or six signs of the zodiac.
Proposition 11th— Epidemic visitations possess regular periods of invasion, increment, acme, decline, and cessation.
Proposition 12th. — This would proceed from whatever cause they may originate, but the regularity of the pro- gressive increase appears to me to agree better with an exact physical than with a variable moral or social cause.
Proposition 13th. — The simultaneous appearance of epi- demic disease in several places of the earth’s surface, its continuous and progressive march in a somewhat straight- forward direction, show that it owes its origin to cosmical, and not to local causes.
Proposition 14th. — The simultaneous appearance of epi- demic and epizootic diseases, referred to by authors on the subject of epidemic diseases, likewise prove the existence of some great cosmical cause, as distinguished from the more ordinary sources of diseases — namely, contagion, malaria, the influence of heat and cold, and all other such causes of disease.
Proposition 15th. — The simultaneous outbreak of an epizootic and an epidemic is well illustrated by the present epidemic visitation of 1865, and in that of 1849.
Proposition 16th. — It is considered that the influence exercised by the moon on the earth’s atmosphere will extend as far as thirty degrees beyond her own actual declination, that is to say, to sixty degrees north and south of the equator, and these are what may be styled the EPIDEMIC LIMITS.
Proposition 17th. — This cause will operate most power- fully within the compass of the moon’s actual limits in the heavens north and south of the equator, that is to say, that the moon’s influence in producing a state of the atmosphere most favourable to the propagation of epidemic disease will operate most powerfully within a space of the earth’s surface comprised between thirty degrees north and thirty degrees south of the equator.
Proposition 18th. — Accordingly we uniformly find that epidemic diseases always originate within the limits last referred to.
Proposition 19th. — It is a most important point to re- member that it is only a limited number of the whole community which is liable to the malignant and deleterious influence of the epidemic poison, or Loimaitia.*
Proposition 20th. — Cholera, the epidemic which is typical of this century, invariably travels from east to west, or in the same direction as the regression of the lunar node along the line of the ecliptic.
Proposition 21st. — Cholera generally rages in one locality, just during the period of one lunation — at least, in India.
Proposition 22nd. — Cholera most frequently rages in towns built on the banks of rivers, or in the vicinity of the sea.
Proposition 23rd. — The period intervening between two successive visitations of epidemic disease may be called the Epidemic Interval ; the duration of the epidemic visitation maybe called the Epidemic Phase; the material cause of the visitation, the Epidemic Poison, or Loimaitia ; and the basin of the Mediterranean the Epidemic Focus.
* Should this term be accepted and adopted, it will probably be most convenient to call it Loimacy. Vide Watson’s Practice of Physic — ” Epidemic Cholera.”
Proposition 24th. — Epidemic visitations will always travel in a northernly direction, and follow the course of the lunar node northwards, of which I shall give several illustrations.*
Proposition 25th. — Each century has its own peculiar, typical, and invariable epidemic.
Proposition 26th. — Cholera always follows the great line of human intercourse, entering Europe, in 1831, by Astracan and Orenburg ; again, in 1847-8, by Astracan and Moscow ; and, in 1854, it pursued the same course as in former years ; in 1865 it entered Europe by Mecca and Medina. For routes or tracks of cholera, vide Graves’ Clinical Medicine, by Neligan, p. 292 ; Wood’s Practice of Physic, 4th edition, vol. i., p. 680 ; Dr. Watson’s Lectures, vol. ii., p. 519.f
Proposition 27th. — Cholera almost invariably attacks those whose constitutions have been debilitated, from what- ever cause, but more especially from the abuse of intoxicating liquors.
Proposition 28th. — Cholera usually breaks through all obstacles to its progress, whether natural or artificial, such as mountains, seas, rivers, &c, cordons, quarantines, laza- rettos, and all such impediments.
Proposition 29th. — The severity and virulence of the epidemic visitation is always in the inverse ratio of the altitude of the district affected in each particular country — of the altitude of the house in each particular district — and of each apartment in each particular house. This proposition — the most beautiful of them all — we owe to Dr. Farr, of London.
Proposition 30th. — As the shores of the Mediterranean sea are much more subject to malarious diseases than any other part of Europe, we may reasonably conclude that its climate is of a debilitating nature, and therefore more subject to the ravages of epidemics than any other parts of the world; at the same time it is necessary to bear in mind that it is the great channel of communication for all nations, both ancient and modern.
* “In short, epidemics travel from a south-east to a north-west point of the compass.” — Watson’s Practice of Physic — “Epidemic Cholera.” Dr. Watson’s Work contains an admirable description of epidemic cholera.
Proposition 31st. — Cholera is exceedingly capricious in its visitations — selecting certain towns and villages of a district and leaving others totally untouched — selecting one house in a locality and leaving others uninjured — attacking the inhabitants of one floor of a house and leaving the others quite free — decimating the inhabitants of the villages on one bank of a river and leaving the other bank quite un- harmed — progressing steadily along one side of a street and leaving the other unscathed. The original seat, however, and continual locality of the disease, is Calcutta and the villages situated on the left bank of the Ganges.
Proposition 32nd. — Not unfrequently, after ravaging a town or village, it returns again to it with renewed or diminished violence.

Without going into a detailed dissertation on what this book proposes, it is shown that epidemics directly link to lunar/celestial cycles. And as it has been shown through out my work that The Occult worships sun and moon idols and in doing so follow ritual sacrifice cycles to appease their false gods. I propose in my infinitly conspiratel mind that The Occult is actually behind the epidemics, they herein as indicated set forth upon us. We know they mock us, we know they feed of our misery, and we know they are out to fix the disease we know as a free human being. It is not without reason, and historical context that we can now begin an honest investigation into my theory. We have a historical reference source, we have the evidence through out all their other works, that follow this very same MO (motive of operation/modus operendi). We have documents showing they are under will of their progenitor to kill us in the Babylonian Talmud, thus we can trace these crimes against humanity in time to their source. You didn’t think Corona/Covid-19 came by accident? It came in the prescribed time in the occult ritual cycle, as do all crimes against humanity. The fix is in, as I write this thousands of Americans are injecting themselves with “The Mark of the Beast”. They are sterilizing themselves, whilst preventing themselves ascension into the kingdom of heaven. Truly, a sad time. In the coming years we will watch our loved ones die of mystery ailments as different nano technologies are activated via the 5g kill grid. Good folks, who love God and country within the constructs of their prescribed designed experience. Folks who were prevented from truth, who were induced by an ancient Canaanite incantation to chase vanity, remove cares, and immerse in the material all hailing to the dark lord himself. My incantation is via prayer, prayer for those who refuse to yield to sound logic and common sense of decisions of sound mind and body. Prayer that the truth of your purpose and creator find you before the devil does. The war at your doorstep is a spiritual war, which will continue to manifest until everyone alive is no longer.