My intention initially was to put these images up to serve the purpose of sharing them with fellow researchers. I’ve since recognized the importance of a contextual introduction, as well as the key points to the importance of word games in our path to collect the neccessary pieces to our own awakening.

On this path one will encounter the very neccessary measure of the study of cryptography, encryption techniques, ciphers, etymology, specifically in relation to the english language. The nature of our benevolent chessmasters requires that they too stay within the confines of their beliefs and rituals. We have discovered over the years of their love of mockery, which often is deployed via games. And what do we have here? Word games. What seems like simple fun with words on the exterior, holds within an encrypted message which forms the true meaning of the use of the word.

As we investigate into our history and the use of words, researchers today often draw on the Judaic expression of gematria, or the use of words to mask numbers whose calculations often reveal the true meaning of the word. These ciphers when decoded often lead to additional puzzles as they are just clues, smaller parts of a larger agenda.

Gematria: along with teinuyah, was the science of the dual interpretation of the Kabalistic alphabet, which composed the notary art, which is fundamentally the complete science of the tarot (q.v.) signs and their complex and varied application to the definition of all secrets. Encyclopedia Of Ancient And Forbidden Secrets

The study of word games, its uses and rules, gives additional paramater sets to help solve more complex ideas/meanings hidden within the word/sentence that cannot be resolved simply through the use of numerical value representation. These word and sentence structures, coupled with the use of numerical value ciphers, are taking decoding to the next level.

Much like creating formulas for solving problems, a hypothesis is created. From this certain parameters are established that help formulate the intial expression. In this expression are applied past knowns, which in a true/false testing method help to deduce a formula that proves the past as true. From this can be derived the unknowns of the future, and knowing the formula in play, can simply be plugged in by variables and solved like any other algebraic expression.

In the mind this is much easier then on paper. In time, my hope is to show a sample of this in both formats so as to assist fellow researchers in decoding the truths they seek. My apologies if this blog finds you perplexed, but I assure you it will be only momentary.

Frequency, Orthographic Regularity, and Lexical Status in Letter and Word Perception

August, 1980

Technical Report No. 550

Wisconsin Research and Development Center for Individualized Schooling
The University of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin

Sponsoring AGENCY:  National Inst. of Education (ED), Washington, DC.

IDENTIFIERS *Orthographic Stricture

A study assessed the role of orthographic structure in college students’ perceptual recognition and judgment of letter strings. Lexical status, word frequency, bigram frequency, log bigram frequency, and regularity of letter sequencing were orthogonally varied across a series of experiments. Six – letter words and their
anagrams were used as test stimuli in a target-search task. Results showed that words were recognized better than their corresponding equally well-structured anagrams, but that word frequency had little effect. Orthographically regular anagrams were recognized better than irregular anagrams, whereas log bigram frequency did not have an effect. In contrast, post hoc correlations revealed that log bigram frequency did correlate significantly with individual item performance. In a final experiment, subjects judged which of a pair of letter strings most resembled English in terms of either the frequency or the regularity of letter sequences. Findings revealed an influence of essentially the same dimensions of orthographic structure as that revealed by the perceptual recognition task. The overall results provided evidence for lexical status, regularity of letter sequencing, and frequency of letter sequencing as important dimensions in the psychologically real description of orthographic structure. (Author/FL)


Did you read that? Wow. 😮 Lexical status(word games), letter sequencing (lexicology,anagrams/acrostics/palindromes/etc.), and frequency (word games with numbers[ think Gematria] + [verbal vagaries] = REAL PSYCHOLOGICAL DESCRIPTION

This is what I see: the overall results indicated that the structure of words and its many variations had affects beyond that of their apparent intentions or meaning. In plain English; It is not what it appears, words for humans are like code programs and can be used to stimulate a desired psychological reaction.

This is the very reason why this study is immediately relevant to everyone, because understanding these concepts will help readers re-evaluate how they understand what they are reading or seeing. [Decoding the ciphers hidden in every day life, intended for the initiated.]

It is widely acknowledged that the reader contributes as much or more to reading than does the “information” on the printed page. One compelling issue in reading research is how the reader’s higher-order knowledge of the language interacts with lower-level perceptual analyses during reading.

What? Point and Case. This case is now considered in the bag.

“higher-order knowledge of the language interacts with lower-level perceptual analyses during reading.”

It just doesn’t get more obvious than that. If I were a magician, I’d be an English speaking magician, because it’s the easiest language to manipulate with. Note below how there are two separate yet simultaneous processes going on. Stuff is going into storage before primary recognition has even been initiated. Do you think understanding this formula, could play into someone wishing to excercise control over another?

Information could be injected into storage memory before recognition, not get computed but then get comingled into the final part of rehersal and recoding, resulting in a false reading, ie, meaning. A false meaning is resolved, and no one even blinked an eye. Understanding this topology map is a technical advancement beyond my words of expression. This very technology is being deployed on what’s today called the “dumbed down masses”, all without anyone even noticing despite it being right under our noses.

Why are word games important?

Remember the newest variants, just when you thought they couldn’t beat it over the head anymore, but they just kept on trucking like they weren’t caught with their pants down. The list below will be updated as things come up, but you will see a pattern emerge.


SOCIAL DISTANCING Anagram SCOLIA DISCANTING (2. A discussion or discourse on a theme/narrative)

Sco·​lia ˈskōlēə
: a genus (the type of the family Scoliidae) of wasps that build or dig no nest but lay their eggs on the bodies of the burrowing larvae of various beetles


THE science of numbers is of remotest antiquity. Among the Aryans and Greeks, the Assyrians and Egyptians, we find indications of a development which gave to numbers their real significance and employed them in a system of symbolism which had respect to something more than mere enumeration.
While it is true that a figure is a symbol denoting a quantity, it is also a fact that a quantity thus symbolised may denote much more than a mere number, as we may learn from chemical analysis, where two bodies consisting of an equal number of atoms of the same elements are of an entirely different chemical nature. This is the case as between phenylisocyanide and benzonitrile. But here we have a difference in the arrangement of the atoms, the single atom of nitrogen being active in the one and passive in the other molecule. The position serves, however, for a general thesis which regards all bodies as compounded of elements drawn from a single base, their specific differences being due to the domination of one over another element in them. The astrologers affirm that individual character answers to a similar analysis, for whereas all men are constituted from the same cosmic forces, one has more of Saturn in him than others, being born under the dominance of that planet, while another has more of the nature of Mars, on account of its ascendancy or elevation at his birth, corresponding differences of character being observable in them, the one being ponderous, melancholic and taciturn, the other energetic, enterprising and demonstrative. Man, in fine, is a modification of cosmic elements, a composite of cosmic forces, like any other body. But also something more. Behind the coloured glass there is always the light. The intelligence striking through the composite of personal organisation reveals itself as character.
Similarly, behind the cosmos there is an Intelligence which manifests to us through cosmic elements as Nature. God geometrises, and in Nature we have the geometrical expression of the Divine Intelligence. Crystallisation takes place according to definite laws. All the superior metals crystallise at the angle or complemental angle of a regular polygon, which may be inscribed in a circle; and these angles are those which are indicated by the astral science as operative. Water, which the ancients referred to in a mystical sense as the mother of all things, their material base, crystallises at an angle of 60 degrees. The universe is but the crystallised ideation of God; it is a divine thought form. It is by the study of numbers, therefore, that we may learn the laws of divine expression, from the constitution of the universe down to the most trivial occurrence in its evolutional progress. What we call an event is but a displacement and rearrangement of the parts of our sphere of reality. Changes taking place in the cosmos are accompanied by changes in all its constituents, and these changes may converge to a cataclysm. They may also produce a shower of rain, an epidemic, or a rise of a penny per cent in the price of wheat. Admitting man’s relations to the cosmos, and it would be difficult to deny them, there is really no end to the concatenation of effects which may arise from any single cosmic disposition, as, for instance , when our earth lies in the diameter of the Martian sphere of influence.
In the study of numbers, therefore, we are not concerned with figureology, or mere symbolism, but with quantities and geometrical relations. This study has its principles, its alphabet, its language and terminology, and its signification. In the course of these pages I shall endeavour to show that there is a signification attaching to numbers which for lack of a better term I must call occult ; for although it would be a comparatively easy matter to trace a relationship existing between man and the universe, it would be by an argument of a mystical nature only that any connection between numbers and events could be traced. Yet, if I show that this connection exists, there will be at least sufficient ground on which to establish such an argument, from which, possibly, might arise a deeper understanding and wider appreciation of that ancient key to the mysteries of the universe which was rediscovered and partially formulated by Baron Swedenborg in the Doctrine of Correspondences. In this doctrine, Matter is the ultimate expression of Spirit, as Form is that of Force. Therefore, for every spiritual Force there is a corresponding material Form. The whole of Nature thus becomes an expression of the underlying spiritual world, and its physiognomy is to us the chiefest source of inspiration. The laws governing this expression are traceable only in terms of numbers, t.e. of geometrical ratios. The moral sense is only a subconscious recognition of the integrity and harmony of natural laws, a reflex of the greater environment. There is an analogy between the laws of Matter and those of Mind. They may arise from a common cause. The science of numbers is the key to both.

Name of  Encryption Technology: Palindromatic Code

Keyword Connector: Palindrome

Cipher Sequence: Toroidal, Toric Geometry

This Palindromatic Code geometry is embedded into everything including language, I suspect. Examining the code and knowing that Palindromes are words that are the same written forward as well as backwards, we can see how it correlates immediately. If you plot the prime gaps onto a radius and plot, it creates arches which connect at prime numbers. If you lay the negative space of the arches onto a radius and circle the radii, the toric geometry arises organically within prime and compostie quanities. The Palindromatic Code is embedded into the structure of space time, scalably so these same geometries (Toric Geometries) can be found within atoms or between galaxies depending on the magnitude your looking at. Basically, your overlapping, turning, and plotting intersects. This is the cipher of language, here’s the hypothesis. 

Toric Geometry governs all reality including language, thusly when we take language and turn it into numerical values we can use the cipher to decode, predict, or create depending on the intention of the sentence.




Frequency, Orthographic Regularity, and Lexical
Status in Letter and Word Perception. Technical
Report No. 550


Encyclopedia Of Ancient And Forbidden Secrets


The word circus : a letter-perfect book 1998 – Books To Borrow [Login Req]


A cypher within a cypher; being a curious, or novel, discovery, with an illustrative description, of an anagram, in the biliteral characters, of the name, William Shakespeare, covertly infoulded within another infoulded cypher in Francis Bacon’s original London folio edition of De augmentis scientiarum, & published, notably, at the same time as the first folio edition of the immortal plays.