2023 Electroculture Overview
Amongst the multitude a few recognize the importance of growing food, and choosing a self sustaining life style. We care what enters our bodies, avoiding preservatives and additives in food. Care is taken to maximize mother natures resources, collecting wild berries, foraging mushrooms, and tending our gardens. As of late, the subject of electroculture began to reappear in the lexicon of social media mouth pieces, and since it is a centuries old technology it fell right down our alley. The last four years we have been growing a garden, enlarging it a couple years ago to 100’x40′. Increasing our knowledge and skill with every season, has brought us to season five. This year the goal is to use less seed, but yield larger produce. To accomplish this enterprise we turn to the library archive, in which we find the good blessings of the ancients.

Old science. For CENTURIES, as in more than two and this is written in early 1900’s. Let’s say 201 years from this point being 1699. Yeah, 1699 electroculture. How many centuries before that? My studies show as early as the pyramid builders, likely antidiluvian technology. Meaning before the flood.
“Mysterious force of electricity” in the 1900’s maybe, today there are no mysteries. We got the dipole cornered, and doing with it as we please, well, they please. Let’s take a dive into history and see what the books say.
First the panel of Government experts, statistics, and conclusion to remove such fanciful ideas from the genearal publics minds.

Washington DC and it’s “Scientific Experts” bamboozled their experiments and reported to the public that no increased growth attributed to electrical treatment. We will examine this in further detail later for now it’s important to note that government experts deemed it ineffective in 1924, despite centuries of application and success. Today, we know that government experts work only to increase the authority of the government, and care not for the constituency. This is fact.

Let’s consider the fact that the Latin tongue dominated science and knowledge from “centuries” past would first have to get translated from some earlier derivative native tongue such as French, German, Spanish, or other languages using alternate alphabets such a cryllic Russian. Then it would be translated into old english from whence additionally translated into modern English. Again, fact, all works before English became the world language for trade and business, were done in another language, and English speaking readers were left to translators as source documents.

How do you suppose Electroculture is going to increase corporate & government control over food?
Oh, it’s not. That’s why it disappeared, like thousands of other inventions that promote self sustenance, independence, and what we call today “off grid” living.
Look at the above page right out of history.


Don’t go getting yourself all wrapped up, were talking Atmospheric Electricity, “Static” Electricity.

See The Feynman Lectures on Physics, Electricity in the Atmosphere

The air above you is loaded with positively charged particles, that increase in Voltage with increase in Height. This electrical potential gradient increases by 100V for every meter up to 50km/31mi, known as equipotential lines.
The “Ground” below you, GND, is negatively charged waiting to attract it’s opposite, as we know in Magnet properties and EM Field theory opposite poles attract. The positive charged air ions are slowly attracted to the negatively charged ground with a very small Current density of around 10 pA per meter2 (picoamps). This will be the key to understanding Electroculture Apparatus design.

Lectures of Richard Feynman Nobel Prize in Physics

That’s right folks Feynman, highly regarded physicist says electric currents, as well as magnets, make magnetic fields. Futhermore, and this is mindblowing, “atomic forces are basically electrical”. Single handedly unifies EM field theory.

Electricity – Magnetism – Particle Motion – All work like an electromagnetic wave.

Now that we have a bearing on the possible elements at play in Electroculture, we could start to see how these apparatus work well within known physics. This is not psuedoscience, however it’s pretty clear that not all devices I have seen to date have shown full consideration for the forces at work.

To take advantage of this electricity potential we take a wire from the ground into the air.
That’s basically it. Note that we are not looking to create a strong charge to power a mechanical or electrical device, we simply want to give areas for ion condensation, transmission, and dispersion into the ground to provide stimuli to the soil and plants within it. Let’s examine a French design for which I have full intention of replicating to some extent.

Did you read that? This is early 1900’s. How did we get this instead?


GMO’s, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers which are devastating the bee colonies ultimately sealing our fate. Medicine has also been hijacked, but that will be a story for another chapter. What’s important to understand is that Big Pharma, Government, and the Corporate oligarchy has no interest in your well being. This is an important part in being able to understand why these technologies are being SUPPRESSED from the public.

This apparatus as indicated in the above two images, is one by Mons. Justin Christofleau, member of The Society of Scientists and Inventors of France. At some point folks have to give up the idea that the modern world and it’s corporate sponsored science are better for you, me, humanity, and earth. At some point, people have to realize they don’t care about you, us, or earth. They care about profiting on you, controlled reproduction, and sending you to the grave when your usefulness expires. If you don’t see this, then this document on Electroculture will not help you grow food, because you don’t even understand why you should be growing food. CHATTEL, don’t grow their own food, so like Cattle, they will be hearded. It’s not amusing, this is sad.


No amount of information shown to you, taught to you, or made available to you will change how badly they have destroyed our capacity to retaliate to their control programs. And just you wait until they disarm the population, these False Flag shootings are not mere accidental or terroristic events. They are designed to create an out cry to force policy change to fulfill the narrative of those whom pull the strings. The less dependence we as people have on the system, the less power the sytem has on us. We are swimming in a sea of electromagnetic waves, and it is said, he who controls the seas, controls the fish.

For this process to meet or exceed the claims these devices are shown to be very hign in reference to the ground, above 20′. So, when your seeing these Tik Tok, FB, YT reels of these youthful exuberances in excitement about Electroculture, keep in mind in so much as it’s appreciated that Electroculture is making a comeback, the devices they propose and show will not yield the ridiculous grow sizes desired. This document has been created in the attempt to synthesize the information known on the matter in its entirety. As an overview currently, but later versions will go into much greater detail as I am ready to build the said devices of my own design.

I assure you there are much better content creators out there than myself, so you are encouraged to research and discover the many views and approaches to the subject matter available.


It is this authors belief, as well as that of noted physicists, French inventors and scientists that this device is relatively simple to deploy. It’s well within understood physics, and the evidence thus far has been promising in its ability to perform on it’s claims. The purpose was to give folks an overview and share my research on one of thousands of investigations into occulted history. Stay tuned to see my apparatus in action this summer.

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