As I finish up The UCC Connection from Howard Freeman, I want to delight you all with the hammer that is about to be dropped here. We’re talking a whole ecosystem, by the people, for the people, that corrects the predicated errors we find ourselves in. One master key to connect all the dots to something you can apply immediatly after reading. Do not burn, pass it on!

The correction is here, alas! 

Stay tuned to the most epic info hack, brought to you, by yours truly,

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…the best is yet to come

Since UCC 1-308 is designed to protect these rights, even if parties do not have a complete understanding of the language in contracts, they are still protected. The language used in this code goes a long way to preventing individuals and businesses from unwittingly being obligated to do something that infringes on their rights.

It is important to keep in mind that the purpose of UCC 1-308 is to cover the rights of all parties within a contract. The intention is to prevent either side from asking the other party to do something that is not expressly written into the contract.

The rules under this specific Uniform Commercial Code help to prevent any one of the parties involved from being unhappy with the transaction. While the UCC 1-308 cannot prevent a breach of contract overall, it is designed to protect against unexpected expectations.