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 The Hermetica, or writings attributed to Hermes Trismegistus, go
back at least to the early centuries of the Christian era and contain
symbols and concepts based on number, such as the duality of man
and the Kosmos, and a triad of God, the Kosmos, and man.
The Kabala is Jewish mysticism and is the basis of the Sepher Yezirah,
the Book of Creation, which is an explanation of the emanation of the
ten spheres or sephiroth when the universe was created, and of the
series of three, seven, and twelve, and their correspondences in the
three realms, the Cosmic, the astral, and the human. The Sepher Yezirah
is of uncertain date. Scholem estimates that it was written between the
third and sixth centuries A.D.
There are some basic similarities in these three systems, the
Pythagorean, the hermetic, and the kabalistic; hence, they are found
associated in many later mystical and metaphysical works, and in
transcendental alchemy and magic. Rosicrucians such as John Heydon
and Robert Fludd in the seventeenth century used them to explain
basic mystical principles. They are found also in the Geheime Figuren
der Rosenkreuzer, the Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians of the 16th and
17th Centuries. These will be discussed in later discourses in this series.

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Reader BEWARE, all works of Freemasons, Rosicusians, Illuminati, Secret Societies are not meant for the general public. All these works are purpously misleading on many subjects and require significant prerequisite knowledge to not only identify the decoy information but also to ascertain truthful information. 

Some basic ideas summarized:
1. Symbols involving numbers and numerical relationships may be
thought of as representing the nature, structure, and function
of the cosmos, the nature of God and man, and the relations
between these: God, the cosmos, and man. Symbols represent
these as they are realized by man.
2. The divine, mundane, and human may each be considered a unity.
A symbol of unity may represent any one of these or all three of
them. The kabalistic spheres, for instance, may be symbolized by
the universe or by the cosmic man, but either symbol may be used
to represent the other as a unified whole.
3. The greater Unity is made up of the smaller unities representing
the relationship between the One and the many.
4. The macrocosm and microcosm, archetype and type, numbers
in themselves and corporeal numbers are both examples of the
greater and lesser unities and symbols of the small unity and the Unity.
5. Most symbols of the lesser unity or the greater Unity may be used
as symbols of union with God or the Cosmic.
6. Most of them also represent man’s own integration, both
psychological or mystical, as a part of the ultimate mystical union.
7. Symbols of religious experience may be, but are not necessarily,
symbols of union or Unity.
8. Since they represent the nature of man, the cosmos, and God,
symbols are a product of man’s understanding and an aid to
further knowledge.
9. Symbols are a means of representing basic mystical principles,
such as the relation of opposites or the resulting third element.
10. They can be used as a means of teaching and remembering these
11. The symbol is not an end in itself; it is a means to an end. Used
as an end in itself, it may inhibit the student’s development by
preventing him from the genuine understanding and experience
which it only represents. Used as a means to that end, it can assist
in attaining mystical union.

The Ancient Golden Age

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The Worship of Baalim in Israel, based upon the work of Dr. R. Dozy, ‘The Israelites at Mecca’, translated from the Dutch
by Oort, H.; Colenso, John William (Tr.)
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Publication date 1865

..Coming thus, without any definite religion of their own (see 91)— or, perhaps, bringing with them only some remnant of the religious notions which prevailed in Egypt, Ez.xx.7,8, and which they would be ready enough to discard as ‘ hateful ’ (see 116) —and settling among the Canaanites (Phoenicians), who were possessed already of a high civilisation, {comp, the nine hundred iron chariots of Jabin, Ju.iv.3, however the story may be exagerated,) and were possessed also of a fully developed religion,—it is most natural that they should have readily adopted the worship of JHVH, the ‘ God of the land.’ Dr. Oobt says (116), ‘An oppressed people will never adopt the religion of its oppressors, unless it is absorbed in them, and loses its nationality.’ With this I fully agree: but the Israelites in Canaan were not exactly the ‘ oppressed,’ nor the Canaanites the ‘ oppressors.’ In Egypt the former were, as the traditions clearly imply, altogether oppressed and down¬ trodden ; in Canaan they appear at firet rather as the oppressors ; and, though at times down-trodden—sometimes by Syrians Ju.iii.8, and Canaanites, Ju.iv.2, at other times by foreign foes, Moabites, iii.l4, Midianites, vi.l. Ammonites, x.7, Philistines, xiii.l, from whose invasions, no doubt, the Canaanites also suffered,— yet they constantly recovered themselves again, and maintained themselves in possession of the greater part—and at last of the whole—of the land.
To the common people, no doubt, JHVH was always ‘the Baal,’ even down to the time of the Captivity, and was worshipped as such with impure rites and bloody sacrifices. But the great Prophets of Israel, under Divhie Teaching,— beginning, most probably, with Samuel,—always striving with tliis idolatry, arid seeking to raise the people from these gross notions to the idea of JHVH, its the Living God. In future, it will be convenient to use ”JHVH ’ or ‘ lAO ’ in speaking expressly of the heathen view of the Deity, which was shared by the people of Israel, generally, and ‘ Jehovah,’ when referring to the higher, more spiritual, view of His Character, as entertained by the Prophets.

(iv) Baal is the planet Saturn; and Mahommedans of the twelfth century after Christ knew still that, the Meccan Sanctuary was anciently dedicated to Saturn.

15. Meanwhile the O.T. tells us that JHVH, and not Baal, was the Grod of Israel. But this, according to Professor Dozy, is a pia fraus of the orthodox Jews of later centuries, to which the writers and compilers of these Books belonged. And it is still possible to discover some traces of the truth, such as the following:—
(i) Amos tolls ns, v.25,26, that the so-called ‘ Tabernacle,’ the Mosaic Sanc¬ tuary, was dedicated to Sattim (Cliiun or CheivAn), t.e. Baal, so that a Sanctuary of Baal stood at Shiloh, p.27, just as a Feast of Baal took place at the Gilgid, p.ll2, comp. ;p.l42.
(ii) The same is shown by the fact that the place, where the Ark stood in Samuel’s days, known afterwards as ‘ Kiq’ath-Jearim,’ was formerly called ‘ Kiijath- Baal’ ( =Baal’s-Town), or simply ‘Baal,’ lCh.xiii.6.
(iii) ‘ Israel ’ is one of the names given by the Phoenicians in later days to Saturn (Sancbon., p.42, ed. Orell.).
(iv) A worship of Baal or Saturn is also implied by the consecration of the ‘seventh day’ of the wook and of the number ‘seven’ generally; and Jews of the fifteenth century named also the planet Saturn ‘Sabbethai’ and ‘the Star of IsraeU
(v) The strongest proof, however, that the worship of Baal went hand in h.and with that of JHVH, apd existed as lawfol worship till David’s time, is the fact that the name Baal occurs in several Proper Names,—among others, in those of the sons of Saul and David, viz. EshJaaf, Meribiaai, Baaljai&h. The Compiler of the Books of Samuel, or later Babbies, who disliked this, changed these names into Ishbosheth, Mephibosheth, Elyadah: but in the parallel passages of the Chronicles the original names are still preserved.
16. The supposition that a Baal-worship existed lawfully in Israel superior, or even next,® to the worship of JHVH,

The Ancient Sky, Saturn Worship

The ancient saturnian worship was influenced like our modern sun worship; from Nimrod. Upon the scattering of tongues he took on new names and peoples created similar epics all starting from Nimrod & Semiramis his mother/queen/wife godess. Yeah, it just got weird. But our origin stories are much weirder than we were told. Nimrod, rebel against god, great hunter had the Garment of Adam given to him by his father Cush, who received it from his father Ham, who’d stole it and brought it on board the ark. It was Ham who trespassed on Gods command against fornecating on the ark. It was Ham who was also father to cursed Canaan. Ham and his descendants just couldn’t do right if they tried. These people excelled at evil and wrong doing, its just the best way to put it. These sick and twisted inbred canaanites and their cousin descendants of bloodlines that spawned Nimrod. The dark titan king built the tower of Babel to spite God and continue the worship of false idols and deitys. There was a request for information pertaining to the resurrection chamber of Gilgamesh (Nimrod) and the Nephilim on the US Department of State FOIC – Freedom of Information Act website in 2018. This is highlighted in another section on the website. There is a spiritual war going on , with demons, angels, spells and spell casters right now: It’s 10pm, do you know where your kids are? The people must identify and immediately stop submitting to this. Silent consent is over; the enemy is hereby put on notice. The descendants of Shem and Japheth will redeem ourselves and cleanse Earth of these demons, once and for all. This war has raged since the beginning, and the gig is up!

The "Renegade" aka Obama in ritual garments

There is a war, between bloodlines. Their symbols and ritual documentation is how we expose and subdue these monsters back into civility. There is only Masonic Left and Masonic Right. Nothing else exists. The slaves (general population) are mere indentured servants for labor and sacrifice.

The Dvapara Yuga (Sanskrit: द्वापर युग, romanized: dvāpara-yuga), also spelled as Dwapara Yuga, is the third out of four Yugas, or ages, described in the scriptures of Hinduism. Dvapara in Sanskrit literally means “two ahead”,[1] that is, something in the third place. The Dvapara Yuga follows the Treta Yuga and precedes the Kali Yuga.[2] According to the Puranas, this yuga ended at the moment when Krishna returned to his eternal abode of Vaikuntha. According to the Bhagavata Purana, the Dvapara Yuga lasts 864,000 years or 2400 divine years.[3]

There are only two pillars of religion during the Dvapara Yuga: compassion and truthfulness. Vishnu assumes the colour yellow and the Vedas are categorized into four parts: Rig Veda, Sama Veda, Yajur Veda and Atharva Veda. During these times, the Brahmins are knowledgeable of two or three of these but rarely have studied all the four Vedas thoroughly. Accordingly, because of this categorization, different actions and activities come into existence.

Treta Yuga (Sanskrit: त्रेतायुग, romanized: tretāyuga) is the second of the four yugas, or ages of mankind, in the religion of Hinduism. It follows the Satya Yuga and is followed by the Dvapara Yuga and Kali Yuga. Treta means ‘a collection of three things’ in Sanskrit, and is so called because during the Treta Yuga, there were three Avatars of Vishnu that were seen, the fifth, sixth and seventh incarnations as Vamana, Parashurama and Rama, respectively. The name could also be derived from the fact that the Treta Yuga lasted 3,600 divine years, or 1,296,000 human years.[1] The bull of Dharma symbolises that morality stood on three legs during this period. It had all four legs in the Satya Yuga and two in the succeeding Dvapara Yuga. Currently, in the immoral age of Kali, it stands on one leg.[2]

 Part of a series on Jainism & Buddhism


The discovery of Dwaraka was made by a group of specialists led by … history, such like the archeological discovery of fabled lost city of … It revealed artifacts many centuries old, identifying with Krishna’s Yadava … were already conversant in Vedic knowledge, they became very jubilant..

Topics Covered: Magic, Magi, Moses, Aarons Rod, Incantations, Ascending and Descending Dwaper Yugas, Lifeforce, Vedic History, Stone Work, Electromagnetics, Levitation, Precision Lenses and Microscopes, Egyptian History, Incredible video that proves my premise in convex lens technology and form casting. Although, the narrater speaks of these items and shows Indian Vedic History, we know the “occulted” knowledge of how it was done with concrete casting.  We know how they used giant convex lenses to cut through stone like butter, melting it into clay forms for their hard stone sculptures. When you see a giant concrete pouring site, with the neccessary materials under foot, you see how they built the Pyramids and other incredible structures. Alchemy, magick is how the ancients saw science. 

Ancient Mysteries And Modern Masonry C H Vail
Albion, N. Y., March 10, 1909
Along with the popular traditions and public cults of ancient times, there existed an inner organization of religion—the Mystery Institution—which was the channel of secret traditions.
While our knowledge of the Mysteries is not so extensive as we could desire, owing to the fact that they were anciently guarded with the greatest care —the slightest violation of the oath of secrecy being punishable by death—we know that the mys¬ tery-side of religion, a knowledge of its highest cult and doctrines, was only attained through initiation. Every great Teacher of antiquity passed through these portals. This one fact in itself makes the study of the Mysteries of the utmost importance to Masons.
The Institution of the Mysteries was to be found in all parts of the world. There were the Mysteries of Isis and Osiris in Egypt, the Mithraic Mysteries of the Persians, the Orphic and Bacchic and the later Eleusinian semi-Mysteries’of Greece, the Mysteries of Samothrace and Chaldea, the Mysteries of India, the Druidical Mysteries, the Gothic Mysteries, and many others.
Thus it follows that the key to antiquity is a knowledge of its Mysteries. The late Gen. AlbertPike, formerly Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council, Southern Jurisdiction, A. A. S. R. illustrates this by saying: “Through the veil of all the hieratic and mystic allegories of the ancient dogmas, under the seal of all the sacred writings, in the ruins of Nineveh or Thebes, on the worn stones of the ancient temples, and on the blackened face of the sphinx of Assyria or Egypt, in the monstrous or marvelous pictures which the sacred pages of the Vedas translate for the believers of India, in the strange emblems of our old books of Alchemy, in the ceremonies of reception practiced by all the mysterious Societies, we find traces of a doctrine everywhere the same, and everywhere carefully concealed. The occult philosophy seems to have been the nurse or godmother of all religions, the secret lever of all the intellectual forces, the key of all divine obscurities, and the Absolute Queen of Society, in the ages when it was exclusively reserved for the education of the Priests and Kings.” (Morals and Dogma, p. 729.)
The Mysteries had their origin in the first great Teachers and Guides of humanity. These are called the “Sons of Venus,” they formed the “Nursery of Adepts”—the nucleus of the first Great White Lodge. The Chief of these is known by many mys¬ tic names in the old writings—the “Root Base of the Occult Hierarchy,” the “Kumara,” etc. Surrounding the Chief there was a small band of Be¬ ings who came to earth to labor for the evolution of young humanity. Another class of Beings who aided in this work was called Agnishvattas. Many of these, we are told in the “Stanzas of Dzyan,” became Arhats. Thus was established upon earth, according to tradition, the first Great Occult Hierarchy.
In the early ages occult knowledge was taught openly, as the sciences are taught in our colleges to-day. But in the course of time many allowed their selfishness to rule and so abused their power that it became necessary to withhold such knowledge from the unworthy. This was the condition of religious affairs when the Mysteries were necessarily established by the King-Priests of the Divine Dynasties, in the days of Atlantis.
There were many already in possession of occult knowledge who were so engrossed in selfishness that they could not be brought into the divine path; and their abuse of this power over the forces of nature made them giants of evil. They rebelled against the White Emperor, and became Black Magicians, this caused a long and fierce struggle. At last the cup of evil was full; the forces of nature were turned against the land, until the great continent, together w T ith all followers of their own selfish practice, sank beneath the waters of the ocean. Before the storm broke, however, the men of the “Good Law” heeding the summons to escape, migrated to a place of safety.
Before the overthrow of Atlantis the Mysteries were well established in ancient Chaldea and Egypt —the two great Fourth race nations being off shoots of the great Atlantean civilization. The Indian Mysteries came from her own Priest King, the Manu, who gave to the first branch of the Aryan stock its religious teaching. From this fount of the Aryan race the Mystery-teaching in after years flowed westward, and mingling with the older tradition, derived from Ancient Atlantis, gave to it new life and power. The Greeks received their Mysteries from Orpheus, who introduced them direct from India. But from’ whatever source the various nations received their mystic instruction, the meaning was ever the same—all Initiates were members of the one Great Brotherhood. In these early days the Mystery-Institutions were conducted by Great Adepts whose knowledge was the fruitage of a prior system of evolution; but as time went on and our humanity developed, the great Masters grad¬ ually withdrew, and the Mysteries were committed to the advanced pupils of our present system of evolution.

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The Firmament and Great Ennead of Heliopolis

Ancient Egypt’s Great Ennead of Heliopolis was a group of Nine Deities as the Greek appellation implies. The Great Ennead Gods were the issue of Atum, the “indivisible” one, the “complete one” and the origin for the word Atom today. Like the aggregation of matter formed the solar system, so did the Great Ennead. It was a creation story with a strong scientific bent. Atum as the atom was the smallest and indivisible particle. Atom aggregated into molecules of Shu and Tefnut so to speak. Shu personified air or the atmosphere and sometimes light and Tefnut personified water and moisture. From this “pair of molecules” in space, the Earth and Firmament of Genesis were created and personified as Geb and Nut. The Firmament was a star studded dome supported by her “father” Shu (the atmosphere).

Sumerians; First Civilization

The Sumerian pantheon of Gods is similar to that of the Egyptians. The Annunaki are credited as the progenitors of the human race. Their written language cuniform is recorded as the first written language on earth.

Converging Civilizations

While the descendants of Ham, the Cush, Mizraim aka Egyptians had their own deity beliefs; simultaneously in the Eupharates Valley they had their own epics of creation of the genesis of mankind. As we combine the pieces and core beliefs of simultaneous civilizations one thing becomes clear, these creation epics arose out of men reasoning natural phenomenon within their known constructs. They attached things they could understand in the form of deitys, to naturally occuring phenomenon to explain for the world around them.

All Greek/Hellenesic Gods are Nimrod & Semiramis. It’s that simple. Early on the Greeks sent to Khemet their brightest to learn the knowledge of the Mystics. The technology Shem;Shufu:Khufu brought to Khemet (Egypt) was Solar Power via the Convex Lens, and formed concrete. This is explained in other portions of the website. The golden ratios, the meter, sacred geometry, trivium, this is what was know as the knowldge of the Mystics, the Worlds Greates Secret. It now lays spread through out my website, for readers to acquire and better their lives with it. When we are strong, our enemies will perish.

This is an easy one, it’s not Jews its Canaanites. That’s the secret. The parasite Canaanites infiltrated every civilization with their false idol worship, and their demonic ways. Anytime you see Jew, think apologist, think Canaanite. It’s always been the Canaanites, it says so in every form of scripture. Not possible to be missed by readers of these works.

Ancient Canaanite Rituals to Monarch Programming

Mothers of Darkness and The Queen Mother

You read it right, there are witches literally brewing spells and incantations all day long since time immemorial. They are hidden away from the rest of our reality matrix, and exist with a whole different set of parameters for life. Well, exist to pull the deitys down to fullfill their bidding, ie, causing ill will, suffering and pain. If your wondering why normal folks can’t get ahead in life, besides the obvious policies designed to keep us backwards. The will of humans is manifested in prayer, irrespective of who you pray to. Prayer works, thats the bottom line. Visualization and programming from the conscious to manifest in the real world, is as real as you and I. Remember, we are light beings having a human experience. The physical world we see is only 1% of what is in the Electromagnetic Spectrum. Pray, pray for good, pray for all that is correct. Call it what you want, meditation, incantation, prayer the result is the same.


Babylonian Magick Spells from 2000bc Nippur: Modern Iraq

That face I make when I tell you magick spells are real, your under a magick spell, and here’s 4000 years of provenance and prima facie to prove my premise. And now were in 2021, I still have that stupid look on my face.

1933 Occult Theocracy - The mysteries of freemasonry



Let me set the stage for the following quote. It’s 1933, I’m assuming by wireless she means radio, you just wrote the book on Occult Theocrasy, in two volumes which was published posthumously. The content list reads “THE MYSTERIES OF FREEMASONRY” , how do you not proceed?




In this age of wireless and aeroplanes, one of the fads of the modern highbrow is to scoff at such things as sorcerers, magic and evocations as old wives’ tales. Tales of ancient history ! There are people who refuse to believe in the existence of the supernatural, perhaps we should say supernormal, even when confronted with the evidence. Such are the sceptics who deny everything. Hidebound in their prejudice, they ignore the fact that magic, White or Black, has now as many adepts as ever, nor can they distinguish between the different schools of spiritism.



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