Title of Nobility Act of 1810

If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive or retain, any title of nobility or honour, or shall, without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them.

  • (No Emoluments)* NO DUAL CITIZENSHIP (NO MOSSAD ISREAL) …such person cease to be US Citizen & incapable of holding office.
  • (No Title of Honor)**NO BAR ASSOCIATION (NO LAWYERS OR ATTORNEYS) …such person cease to be US Citizen & incapable of holding office.
    • British Accreditation Registry loyal to Crown
  • NO UNITED NATIONS AGENTS IN US GOVERNMENT …such person cease to be US Citizen & incapable of holding office.
  • (No Profit) NO MAKING MONEY …such person cease to be US Citizen & incapable of holding office.

Every ruling against the citizens of the United States of America after 1810, is seditious, null and void as all contracts made illegally thereafter.

đŸš© Friday April 27, 1810 <—– (TONA) Titles of Nobility Act RESOLVED as amended to U.S. Constitution

11th Congress 2nd Session – Senate

Titles of Nobility Act on the Senate floor again for a third time; 19 yays, 5 nays

And it was RESOLVED, that the resolution pass as amended.

Senate was united in protecting the interest of its constituency.

A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation: U.S. Congressional Documents and Debates, 1774 – 1875
Annals of Congress, Senate, 11th Congress, 2nd Session



January 25, 1812 Virginia Assembles To Discuss WAR

Â đŸš© January 25, 1812 – War Session

The General Assembly of Viriginia is preparing for war as indicated in the American State Papers 12th Congress 1st Session January 25, 1812; Located at the library congress archive; under Miscelleneous American State Papers Vol 2.


On page 174, the discussion of The General Assembly of Virigina outlines the violations, war breaking out all over Europe and it now standing on Americas door steps. The sentiment being that although diplomacy is preferred, we should ready to stand united to protect our nations interests. It highlights the sneaky guerilla tactics of British imperialism bringing war upon us.


Circular to the Governors

đŸš© 23 of March 1813

Some time since there was transmitted from this department to the executives of the several states,to be submitted to the legislature thereof, a resolution of congress, proposing an amendment to the constitution of the U.S. which had for its object the prevention of any citizen accepting any title of nobility, present, pension or office from any foreign prince or power. As the decisions on this resolution of the legislatures of some of the states, and among them that of Virginia has not been received, I have to request your excellency to furnish me with an authenticated copy of the same, with view to ascertain the fate of the proposition in question.

James Monroe

Burning of U.S. Capitol in 1814 – War of 1812

đŸš© August 24, 1814

I say their primary objective for the British that evening was to burn the records of the ratification of Article XIII. They had men inside our government comitting espionage for the British, which is EXACTLY why Article XIII, Titles of Nobility Act was critical in preventing further British/Foreign invasion into our government.

There’s always a cover story, in this saga it was the lie that it was a retaliation for the burning in York (Toronto) of Canadian Capital on April 27, 1813; The defeat for the British was insignificant because their armed fleet for Lake Ontario was stationed in Kingston, it was being defended in part by 40-50 natives indicating to me that the British were using the York station to bait the U.S. forces. Just 50 years prior to, France seceded nearly all of its North American possessions to the United Kingdom in 1763 at the Treaty of Paris after the Seven Years’ War. Today, the Canadian east coast is dominated by the French language, French culture, not the British. I don’t see the British getting butt hurt over York, but, I do see it as a clever cover story for the true mission of the British forces in Washington D.C.

When there are unknowns to a story in history, one just has to see who was the benefactor of the events in question. Particulary, if it’s a hinge point event. These type of events in history are not accidental.

As we know today, the inquiry into the ratification of TONA of 1810 in 1818 was dead in the water before it even started. By 1818, the confusion cause by the destruction of critical documents and the additional penetration of foreign British agents into our government left it to a committee, which naturally was already controlled by the enemies of, We The People.

History validates TONA 1810 – Amendment to the Constitution Artice XIII – Titles of Nobility Act through 1853

American State Papers 15th Congress 1st Session Miscellaneous No. 446 Pg 477

Â đŸš© February 6th, 1818

TONA was brought up again, the review showing a properly ratified 3/4 state vote in 1810 – now re-voting and vetod since BAR agents were installed post 1812. It came up several times and each time was shot down with NAYS from the infiltrated British agents. The chain of evidence, with all players, shows clear sign of criminal intention against American citizens.

The True Republican Philadelphia 1841 Late Example Of Federal Confirmation Of Fact Of Article XIII TONA 1810

Just another confirmation of TONA of 1810 in 1841 – Showing there were still politicians favorable to the American people, as the infiltrators let this one slip by.

There is no easy way to say it, we, citizens of United States have been hijacked since the beginning. Our case begins with the obvious destruction of evidence of war of 1812, and the continued suppression of historical evidence indicating the correct 3/4 votes for passing of amendment xiii to the United States Constitution. TONA of 1810; Title of Nobility Act, preventing foreign agents from interfering with our government; those that have allegiances to other governments and entities would be prevented from serving in government. ie BAR, BRITISH ACCREDITED REGISTRY!

Because sure enough the BAR members totally took over our government and we became indentured servants to THE CROWN CORP. The Occults scheme to enslave humanity was completed so eloquently by Abraham Lincolns 13th Amendment to allegedly free the slaves; but we know he actually enslaved the known world to the British by through his sophistry of words,


Who or what is the BAR ? Who do they work for? What jurisdiction do they operate in? 

During the middle 1600’s, the Crown of England established a formal registry in London where barristers were ordered by the Crown to be accredited. The establishment of this first International Bar Association allowed barrister-lawyers from all nations to be formally recognized and accredited by the only recognized accreditation society. From this, the acronym BAR was established denoting (informally) the British Accredited Registry, whose members became a powerful and integral force within the International Bar Association (IBA). Although this has been denied repeatedly as to its existence, the acronym BAR stood for the British barrister-lawyers who were members of the larger IBA.

When America was still a chartered group of British colonies under patent – established in what was formally named the British Crown territory of New England – the first British Accredited Registry (BAR) was established in Boston during 1761 to attempt to allow only accredited barrister-lawyers access to the British courts of New England. This was the first attempt to control who could represent defendants in the court at or within the bar in America.

Today, each corporate STATE has it’s own BAR Association that licenses government officer attorneys, NOT lawyers. In reality, the courts only allow their officer attorneys to freely enter within the bar while prohibiting those learned of the law – lawyers – to do so. They prevent advocates, lawyers, counselors, barristers and solicitors from entering through the outer bar. Only licensed BAR Attorneys are permitted to freely enter within the bar separating the people from the bench because all BAR Attorneys are officers of the court itself.

Does that tell you anything? Read more about the tricky word-game used at:


BAR is an acronym for ‘British Accreditation Regency’ which forms individual state and provincial bars. The “bar” is literally the wooden railing which separates the spectator section of the courtroom from the front section where the judge and lawyers (those ‘admitted to the bar’) sit. Ask an attorney about the BAR oath; it specifies the 1st loyalty is to the court, the 2nd to the State.

BAR facts:



One may call the Rule of the world today by many names: The New World Order (a Bush family favorite), the Third Way (spoken by Tony Blair and Bill Clinton), the Illuminati, Triad, Triangle, Trinity, Masonry, the United Nations, the EU, the US, Mystery Babylon or many other names.

However, they all point to one origin and one beginning. We have traced this in history to the Crown Temple, the Temple Church circa 1200. Because the Pope created the Order of the Temple Knights (the Grand Wizards of deception) and established their mighty Temple Church in the sovereign City of London, it is the Pope and his Roman Capitols who control the world.

Examining the resultant of the afore mentioned crime against the citizens of the united states, [good people of Shem&Japheth];** it is easy to see how these occult parasites were able to legally hijack our constitution, put in place some legal mumbo jumbo word sorcery, and deliver us unto the evil hands of sick and twisted people who worship the Canaanite gods.

When they stole from us means in our organic legal constitution, to protect our country from foreign invaders, they broke Natural Law of theft, Gods Law in his commands, and began the cascading predicated situation we find ourselves in today.

** See study on Canaanites, Curse of Canaan, Curse of Noah


If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive or retain, any title of nobility or honour, or shall, without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them.[1]

Instead they stuffed this Article I, Sec.9  garbage in which as we saw with Biden and Ukraine fiasco has no bearing what so ever, not even a little bit. Rather, being the INVERSE nature of The Occult the select him CEO of their criminal enterprise The United States of America Corporation.


đŸŽâ€â˜ ïž Article I, Section 9, Clause 8:

No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.

In 1871 the Attorney General of the United States ruled that: A minister of the United States abroad is not prohibited by the Constitution from rendering a friendly service to a foreign power, even that of negotiating a treaty for it, provided he does not become an officer of that power . . . but the acceptance of a formal commission, as minister plenipotentiary, creates an official relation between the individual thus commissioned and the government which in this way accredits him as its representative, which is prohibited by this clause of the Constitution


So, tell me folks are we being played or what?

What is it going to take?


Abraham Lincoln, front man for a defacto Article xiii. Let’s examine the hidden sophistry in Mr. Lincolns proposed amendment.

đŸŽâ€â˜ ïž February 1st 1865 – DeFacto Article XIII

Abraham Lincoln “Emancipation Proclamation”

Section 1
Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Section 2
Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.


Let’s define:

Involuntary servitude or involuntary slavery is a legal and constitutional term for a person laboring against that person’s will to benefit another, under some form of coercion, to which it may constitute slavery. While laboring to benefit another occurs also in the condition of slavery, involuntary servitude does not necessarily connote the complete lack of freedom experienced in chattel slavery; involuntary servitude may also refer to other forms of unfree labor. Involuntary servitude is not dependent upon compensation or its amount.

Unam Sanctam Papal Bull 1302 Pope Boniface VIII

  • “Furthermore, we declare, we proclaim, we define that it is absolutely necessary for salvation that every human creature be subject to the Roman Pontiff.”
  • supremacy of the Roman Pontiff over the material world
  • The historian Brian Tierney calls it “probably the most famous” document on church and state in medieval Europe.[1] The original document is lost, but a version of the text can be found in the registers of Boniface VIII in the Vatican Archives.[2] The bull was the definitive statement of the late medieval theory of hierocracy, which argued for the temporal as well as spiritual supremacy of the pope.[3]

Basically, your born into the Roman Pontiff dominion, “over the material world”; involuntary servitude. Did you choose to be born into the Roman Pontiff dominion?

Your mother ‘labors’ you, then gives you to the state via birth certificate, which is your vessels berth [think Maritime/Admirality Law] certificate of mooring your body (ship) as you cross the threshold into the material world of the Holy See; which executes your life under Uniform Commercial Code, the modern Papal Bull. Was there consent when you were born? Or are you coerced into an agreement with the state you did not agree to? Unbeknownst to your mother, the birth certificate is used for the financial gain of the Corporation which holds it, USA; the deFacto government.

Upon ‘berth’ you are laboring against your will to benefit another [USA CORP], as you will be handed to the state upon your arrival into the material world. This constitutes slavery as defined by Abraham Lincoln. He freed the slaves from their masters, but enslaved all of humanity to the Pontiff, aka Holy See, aka Crown Corp, aka The United States of America Corporation.

And as indicated in Article 2, Congress has the power to enforce the article by appropriate legislation. Sounds very ambiguous, considering its already founded on a false premise. There were still books publishing the original and correct Amendment; TONA 1810 up to 1880’s; despite the 1865 Abraham Lincoln Resolution proclamation. This like a sick joke on the public:

  • X2 Paris Peace Treaties 1763′ & 83′
  • X2 Amendment Article XIII
  • X2 Constitutions
  • X2 Governments
  • X2 Sets of Laws; One for you & One for them

No, not at all. There’s no conspiracy, there’s no clandestine society, just go back to sleep. Honestly, what’s the point of doing the play by play when the story developing is more ghastly than anyone of us could of ever imagined.

As you can see Boniface VIII, like his Canaanite descended brethern, aka “Jesuits” , did not live under the same laws as the rest of us, nor do they today. 

Aliyah Rights and Benefits

Emoluments of Isreali Citizenship:

  • Financial Assistance
  • Rent Subsidy
  • Health Coverage
  • Tax Discounts
  • Free Hebrew Courses
  • Tuition Benefit (Heavily Subsidized)
  • Customs Benefits
  • Isreali Income Tax Discounts
  • Mortgage Discounts
  • Free Flights to Isreal
  • Free Taxi
  • Car Benefit Tax Breaks
  • Foreign Income Tax Breaks
  • Bringing CASH to Isreal no reporting
  • Daycare Subsidy

All paid for by the American Taxed Public through nefarious policies, ficticious 501k entities, and the countless behind the scenes flushing of American lives down the toilet. 

In 2020, the US gave $3.8bn (ÂŁ2.7bn) in aid to Israel – part of a long-term, yearly commitment made under the Obama administration. Almost all of this aid was for military assistance. These are just the reported numbers of assistance, it is speculated the true cost to Americans is in the trillions.

This support came as part of an agreement signed by former president Barack Obama in 2016 for an overall package of $38bn (26.8bn) in military aid over the decade 2017-2028. One agreement, there are many such agreements for a variety of Isreals needs, no such aid however to Americans. 

All over the world, China invested in infrasturcture projects. Incredible feats of engineering are currently ongoing all over the world, but in the USA all we get is crumbling bridges, crumbling education, crumbling medical, crumbling political, and as seen by recent derailments, crumbling infrastructure. Meanwhile all the crooks and croonies keep getting off scott free whilst committing mass crimes against humanity.

ARE Americans practicing Communism?


Read the 10 Planks of The Communist Manifesto to discover the truth and learn how to know your enemy…
Karl Marx describes in his communist manifesto, the ten steps necessary to destroy a free enterprise system and replace it with a system of omnipotent government power, so as to effect a communist socialist state. Those ten steps are known as the Ten Planks of The Communist Manifesto
 The following brief presents the original ten planks within the Communist Manifesto written by Karl Marx in 1848, along with the American adopted counterpart for each of the planks. From comparison it’s clear MOST Americans have by myths, fraud and deception under the color of law by their own politicians in both the Republican and Democratic and parties, been transformed into Communists. Another thing to remember, Karl Marx in creating the Communist Manifesto designed these planks AS A TEST to determine whether a society has become communist or not. If they are all in effect and in force, then the people ARE practicing communists. Communism, by any other name is still communism, and is VERY VERY destructive to the individual and to the society!! 

The 10 PLANKS stated in the Communist Manifesto and some of their American counterparts are…


  1. Abolition of private property and the application of all rents of land to public purposes. Americans do these with actions such as the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution (1868), and various zoning, school & property taxes.Also the Bureau of Land Management (Zoning laws are the first step to government property ownership)
  2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax. Americans know this as misapplication of the 16th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, 1913, The Social Security Act of 1936.; Joint House Resolution 192 of 1933; and various State “income” taxes. We call it “paying your fair share”.
  3. Abolition of all rights of inheritance. Americans call it Federal & State estate Tax (1916); or reformed Probate Laws, and limited inheritance via arbitrary inheritance tax statutes.
  4. Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels. Americans call it government seizures, tax liens, Public “law” 99-570 (1986); Executive order 11490, sections 1205, 2002 which gives private land to the Department of Urban Development; the imprisonment of “terrorists” and those who speak out or write against the “government” (1997 Crime/Terrorist Bill); or the IRS confiscation of property without due process.Asset forfeiture laws are used by DEA, IRS,ATF etc…).
  5. Centralization of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly.
    Americans call it the Federal Reserve which is a privately-owned credit/debt system allowed by the Federal Reserve act of 1913. All local banks are members of the Fed system, and are regulated by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) another privately-owned corporation. The Federal Reserve Banks issue Fiat Paper Money and practice economically destructive fractional reserve banking.
  6.  Centralization of the means of communications and transportation in the hands of the State. Americans call it the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Department of Transportation (DOT) mandated through the ICC act of 1887, the Commissions Act of 1934, The Interstate Commerce Commission established in 1938, The Federal Aviation Administration, Federal Communications Commission, and Executive orders 11490, 10999, as well as State mandated driver’s licenses and Department of Transportation regulations.
  7. Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the state, the bringing into cultivation of waste lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan. Americans call it corporate capacity, The Desert Entry Act and The Department ofAgriculture
 Thus read “controlled or subsidized” rather than “owned”
 This is easily seen in these as well as the Department of Commerce and Labor, Department of Interior, the Environmental Protection Agency, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation, Bureau of Mines, National
    Park Service, and the IRS control of business through corporate regulations.
  8. Equal liability of all to labor. Establishment of industrial armies, especially for agriculture. Americans call it Minimum Wage and slave labor like dealing with our Most Favored Nation trade partner; i.e. Communist China. We see it in practice via the Social Security Administration and The Department of Labor. The National debt and inflation caused by the communal bank has caused the need for a two “income” family. Woman in the workplace since the 1920’s, the 19th amendment of the U.S. Constitution, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, assorted Socialist Unions, affirmative action, the Federal Public Works Program and of course Executive order 11000.
  9. Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries, gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country, by a more equitable distribution of population over the country. Americans call it the Planning Reorganization act of 1949 , zoning (Title 17 1910-1990) and Super Corporate Farms, as well as Executive orders 11647, 11731 (ten regions) and Public “law” 89-136. These provide for forced relocations and forced sterilization programs, like in China.
  10. Free education for all children in public schools.Abolition of children’s factory labor in its present form. Combination of education with industrial production.  Americans are being taxed to support what we call ‘public’ schools, but are actually “government force-tax-funded schools ” Even private schools are government regulated. The purpose is to train the young to work for the communal debt system. We also call it the Department of Education, the NEA and Outcome Based “Education” . These are used so that all children can be indoctrinated and inculcated with the government propaganda, like “majority rules”, and “pay your fair share”. WHERE are the words “fair share” in the Constitution, Bill of Rights or the Internal Revenue Code (Title 26)?? NO WHERE is “fair share” even suggested !! The philosophical concept of “fair share” comes from the Communist maxim, “From each according to their ability, to each according to their need! This concept is pure socialism. …America was made the greatest society by its private initiative WORK ETHIC … Teaching ourselves and others how to “fish” to be self sufficient and produce plenty of EXTRA commodities to if so desired could be shared with others who might be “needy” …Americans have always voluntarily been the MOST generous and charitable society on the plan Do changing words, change the end result? … By using different words, is it all of a sudden OK to ignore or violate the provisions or intent of the Constitution of the united States ofAmerica????? The people (politicians) who believe in the SOCIALISTIC and COMMUNISTIC concepts, especially those who pass more and more laws implementing these slavery ideas, are traitors to their oath of office and to the Constitution of the united States of America.

Communism was solely the invention of the Jews.

— Sir Winston Churchill (Freemason)
London Illustrated Herald
(February 8, 1920)

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