Signaling Gestures of The Occult


The Occult members use signaling when in public to indicate the dark lords reign over Earth. In the proceeding gallery will be found many of their signals and meanings during public outings. Signaling is imperative to indicate conquest, or submission between the pillars of justice; Boaz and Jachin. Most world leaders, specifically communist or socialist sympathizing ones are high level members of secret societies. The devil loves communism as it is debauchery of the human spirit, conquest of many for the spoils of a few. The hierarchy system deployed is the typical pyramid shape we find in all Babylonian systems. You will see this in their signaling. Indeed the content will again be unsettling and perhaps even create a few quiet gasps in the viewers. Keep in mind that these images compromise only a small fraction of the cast in play at any given time. The Occulted Operators section of the website shows more criminals as well.