Quod Lectio

Welcome friends, investigators, researchers and folks just browsing by.  I implore you on a journey of origin, through documents of provenance, references and citiations of works in antiquity. In due course, I hope to reacquaint you with our progenitors and their descendants.

Ham, Shem, Japheth: Progenitors of Humanity?

I aim to prove that nothing in noted history, including all wars have happened without the orchestration of the occulted puppet masters. All terrorism, False Flags, and other crimes against mankind have been perpetrated by a single group of bloodline descendants. I will present documents of provenance to prove my premise, and the documents locations for study and scrutiny.

Kabalistic Roots

Nephilim - Demons - Angels

Hidden History

Who were the Scythians, the Tartars (Tatars), how did the destruction of the christian Byzantine empire come about? How did the Communist Bolshevik parasites exterminate the remainder of a civilization? What is the mudfloods and tartary?

War Against the Descendants of Shem

There is a war raging between bloodlines. You finance it, provide labor for it, and pay with your soul for it, all without you ever even knowing it. It has raged since known recorded history, and until now you had no idea. By exposing their symbols, rituals, deitys, we will not only expose their origins but ours as well. The truth will offset the balance of inequity they have created in conspiracy against us. This war is a spiritual war, it’s time to arm up patriots. Dig deep into the content presented here, unocculting of esoteric knowledge will be your weapon against our common enemy.

Your senses have brought you here because they can feel that something is not right all around. We have trusted, as a society too much to those who have sworn to protect us. They in turn, have bled us dry of our good will, compassion, and critical thinking. You can tell that something is wrong, but your unable to consolidate it within. Your unable to find strong evidence for your convictions, resulting in continued logic failure in society. The day for redemption cometh, and as the human race slowly wakes from its spell, truth, and only truth will set us free. The truth belongs to you, and this website is designed specifically to deliver it to you through the ranks of resistance programmed into the indoctrination of all man. Know that you are loved, and included in salvation of all creation. We have let these hijacker parasites destroy all remnants of our true creator, and they have now for several millenia continued to wage war against the good people of earth. God loves you, and he does not require worship by way of false idols, deitys, or ritual sacrifices. These are the works of the nemesis. We now know who the perpetrators were that insulted Gods work and put the words of men into holy works. We know how, where, why, and who through out the ages of man has worked to deceive and destroy us.  This is how your awakening begins, at the beginning of our combined saga. Enjoy the content, share your thoughts, ask questions, but most importantly avoid return to a world of fallacy without investigation.

The “Occult” does not exist under civil law. They rule outside the law.

To them we are indentured servants, dead cargo floating at sea, bonded as a surety. They do not see us as anymore than animals on a farm. They have constructed many schemes for us to jump through, that they are not obligated to follow. They are under no obligation to tell the truth, rather, they are under obligation from their patriarch to lie, cheat and kill us!

“Agree with me if I seem to you to speak the truth; or, if not, withstand me might and main that I may not deceive you as well as myself in my desire, and like the bee leave my sting in you before I die. And now let us proceed.”


Awakened Brother To All of Another

Explorer Guide & Administrator , occulted.org

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